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Goldenloop Update With Trailer, Deathloop Announces New Updates, Check Out Details & Guide!

The recent games have had a ton of exciting announcements, one of them being a new update for Deathloop. Called Goldenloop, this is going to be the next big thing for Deathloop. Arkane studios have promised that he is going to be the biggest content update since their launch in 2021. They have also mentioned how they are going to bring a lot of noticeable changes to the game. While the new Goldenloop update is not as substantial as a DLC is to any game, it will be free to download. So the developers had to balance it somehow. Stay in touch with our website TheWebSeriesWorld Media for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Goldenloop Update With Trailer

Goldenloop Update With Trailer

While the core gameplay might not change with Goldenloop, the tactical stuff is definitely going to change. The new update is set to release today, the 20th of September. The developers chose this specific date because it coincides with the games’ Xbox launch back in 2021. A few of the new upcoming updates in Goldenloop have been shared by the developers, these updates are; Colt’s Fuge ability, Halps prototype beam weapon, a new paint-bomber enemy type and some minor upgrades to Julianna’s Masquerade ability, and many more. The biggest update for the fans is going to be the ability to now crossplay. Crossplay is a type of matchmaking system

Where you can match up with people playing on different platforms. Say for eg. your friend has a PS5 and you have a pc, earlier what would happen, is that pc players could only match with other pc players and the same with PS5 players. This was done to keep the game balanced and not give the pc players an unfair advantage. But now since crossplay is here, you can play with all of your friends, or maybe against them. It’s just that the developers will have to work twice as hard to balance everything properly in the game.

While this update does bring a fresh breath of air, fans are still waiting for the big expansion pack that will change the entire narrative of the game, or at least forward the narrative of the game. The developers of the game have been quiet regarding any news on the ongoing development of any DLC of sorts. But it is quite normal to expect developers to release a DLC after a year or two. Maybe they are planning to release it by fall next year, or maybe even later than that. All we are saying is, that it won’t kill us to bring in some changes in the form of a DLC.


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