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I Love You Part 2 Ullu Web Series Episodes Streaming Online, Star Cast, Story, Plot, Trailer & Release Date!

Hello friends, we have brought up this article to inform you all about a new web series that is going to premiere soon on the ullu platform. Actually, it is not a new web series and if you have followed the ullu web series then you must have watched the 1st part of this series named I love you. Stay in touch with our website TheWebSeriesWorld Media for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

I Love You Part 2

I Love You Part 2 Ullu All Episodes

This web series was released some time ago on the ullu platform and now soon we are going to watch its second season, which is I love you part 2. The series is all set to be released on the platform and in this article we are going to give you all the complete details about the series’ upcoming season. I love you part 2 is a romantic and drama web series. This web series is completely based on liking

I Love You Part 2 Ullu Story

And approaching a girl. In the series, we will get to see that two friends Rakesh and Suraj like a single girl Natasha so much. They both are saying to each other to propose to her and say I Love you but they both fail. Finally, Rakesh went first and approached her but she didn’t reply to anything so Suraj got the chance to try his luck. When Suraj approached her Natasha got really impressed

I Love You Part 2 Ullu Star Cast

And said to him I love you too and they both came into a relationship. Rakesh then met Suraj’s sister Prabha and they both started liking each other later Rakesh and Prabha came into a relationship. To enjoy this series do watch it as it is released. The main and lead cast of the series I Love you part 2 are as follows–

  • Neet Sharma (Natasha)
  • Nikhil Parmar (Suraj)
  • Vishal Bhatt (Rakesh)
  • Poonam Rajput (Sulekha)
  • Neha Gupta (Prabha)
I Love You Part 2 Ullu Trailer

The trailer and teaser for the web series I love you part 2 have been out and it is available on the ullu platform as well as on the youtube channel. You will get to see the upcoming episode plot on the trailer and be updated with what we are going to watch next. The I love you web series has been released

I Love You Part 2 Ullu Release Date

Recently on 2nd January 2023 with part 1 and after completing its 3 episodes part 1 people are now demanding for its part 2 . Part 2 is the sequel episode of the I love you part 1 web series and we will see the continuation of the series in part 2. The release date of the series part 2 is set on 10th January 2023 on the ullu platform. It will feature episodes 4 and 5 of the series each of 25 to 30 minutes.


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