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Kaam Purush Prime Shot Web Series Episodes Streaming Online, Star Cast, Story, Plot, Trailer & Release Date!

Prime shot is one of the apps that has been in demand for a long time now. While it can be said that this app is sure to binge-watch worth, one thing that is amazing about this app is that this app has many web series that have been watched online and have been released on the demand of the viewers. Stay in touch with our website TheWebSeriesWorld Media for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Kaam Purush Prime Shot

Kaam Purush Prime Shot All Episodes

As the app is released the favorite of the viewers, the app is gaining massive audience attention. While there are many genre series on this app, the subscription rate on this app is also low which attracts many audiences. Now the app has come up with yet another new web series called Kaam Purush which is released on the app. Stay tuned as we covered details about Kaam Pruush, the cast, and the other details related to it.

Kaam Purush Prime Shot Story

This web series is the most demanded web series and has been watched by many viewers. While the web series is released on the app, the second part is much demanded by the viewers. Kaam Purushseries revolves around the fantasies of a woman and also the things that go wrong while the woman is out there finding her fantasies to be completed. While on the other hand, this storyline has attracted

Kaam Purush Prime Shot Plot

The hearts of many viewers, the web series has many bold scenes and also many true or real-life scenes as well. Now talking about the release of the web series then the web series is released on the Prime Shot app on the 1st of January 2023 and it has been so far loved by the audience of the Prime shot app. Speaking about the genre of the web series then as said earlier this series revolves around fantasies

So there will be a lot of bold scenes in the web series. While the series is romantic, bold, erotic, and also adult genre ad it is advised to be watched by people above the age of 18 or adults. While the web series has many actors and actresses who have been experienced in their work. The web series has 4 episodes and each episode lasts about 20-25 minutes longer. Now talking about the cast of the web series,

Kaam Purush Prime Shot Star Cast

Then this web series has many actresses who are experienced like Aliya Naaz, Pihu kjasiwal, and Shyna Khatri who are experienced actresses and have worked in many other web series as well. Speaking about the other cast of the web series the other cast includes Armaan Sandhu and Sarv Kumar in the supporting cast. Aliya Naaz will now be playing the role of a magician who performs

Kaam Purush Prime Shot Trailer

Black magic in the trailer as well she was seen wearing dark attire. While on the other hand, Shyna Khatri and Pihu Kanojia will be having an intimate moment in this web series. Now talking about the web series storyline, then this web series, as said earlier revolves around a woman who is all set to make her fantasies come true. While it can be said that the woman goes to a black magician

To switch her husband’s soul with another man, the magic goes wrong as the woman replaces her husband’s role with a woman. On the other hand, the woman also gets in trouble due to this black magic and has to go through tough times due to this magic.


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