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ROCKSTAR: GTA 6 Gameplay Footage Leaked, Images, Video, Release Date, Rumors & Speculation Explored!

Rockstar games, popularly known for its Grand theft auto series, in an ironic turn of events, has been the target of grand theft, in the sense that a hacker, who goes by the name ‘teapot’, has managed to breach the cybersecurity of Rockstar games, and has claimed to have accessed very confidential information regarding the upcoming games that rockstar has been working on for quite a while now. This is not the first time a multimillion-dollar company has been hacked. Hackers have always been ready to prowl on the slightest chance of getting some sort of sensitive data about Rockstar. Stay in touch with our website TheWebSeriesWorld Media for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

GTA 6 Gameplay All Footage Leaked

GTA 6 Gameplay All Footage Leaked

After the incident, they released a statement telling the fans how hard it has been to develop games nowadays due to the hackers trying to breach their security. This hack comes just a few days after the hacking of another big organization, Uber. The breach was of a similar style, something that the developers call ‘Social Engineering. Interestingly, the hacker who breached uber went by the alias ‘TeaPot’, and the hacker who breached Rockstar games servers also had the same alias. People are now starting to think there is some sort of connection between the two breaches. While not much is known about the way Rockstar games’ servers were breached,

GTA 6 Gameplay Images & Videos

For Uber, the hacker hid under the mask of an IT person and had someone share the login credentials with the hacker. By mask, we mean a digital mask, not the kind you find in stores. Social engineering is a type of hack that relies on manipulating people to give them the credentials to log in. It is considered by many to be the weakest type of security system, because of only one flaw in the whole cybersecurity system, humans. As of now, humans are the weakest link in the chain of cybersecurity. They can be manipulated and gathered information. A case in point is the recent breaches on Uber and Rockstar games.

GTA 6 Release Date & Rumors Explained

Now take Cloudfare for example, they have employed a hardware-based security key system. It requires a physical key like a USB or Bluetooth dongles to access the account. Even if hackers manage to get the login credentials, they’ll still need the physical key to get full access. Now that is how you keep your highly confidential information safe. Rockstart and Uber could learn a thing or two from Cloudfare if they don’t want to repeat the same thing again and again. While Rockstar Games have released a statement telling the fans it’s going to increase the security level, this is the second time Uber has been breached. So people are starting to get skeptical regarding the security of Uber.


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