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VIDEO: Aquarium Berlin Video Become Sensation, Huge Fish Tank Bursts In Hotel Lobby, Huge Berlin Aquarium Explosion!

Tragedy struck Berlin Germany as a very horrifying incident took place. When people visit aquariums we usually think about what would happen if the glass broke this happened in reality in berlin Germany. More details about the incident will be covered in this article. As the aquarium tanks are made of glass there is a huge chance of the glass breaking, Stay in touch with our website TheWebSeriesWorld Media for the latest entertainment updates!!!!!!

Aquarium Berlin Video

Aquarium Berlin Video

And overflowing the place with water. this happened in Berlin to the world’s largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium. The structure is soo delicate that if measures were not taken and the structure was not built with good quality materials a situation like this was bound to happen one day. People in the aquarium made many videos and uploaded them on multiple social media apps as well. the incident has now gone viral.

People were shocked to see the situation. The situation has also caused casualties. Two people have been injured in the aquarium breaking open. The aquarium was present in a hotel. It was in the lobby as a showpiece to attract more customers to the hotel. Many people staying in the hotel recorded videos and uploaded them on their social media accounts. The water overflowed

Huge Berlin Aquarium Explosion

From the hotel lobby and parts of the aquarium were seen on the streets as well. many buses were arranged by the hotel to take the guests to the shelter to provide them with service for the situation gone wrong. The reason for the burst is still not known and the police are investigating the matter. Any new reports will be updated in follow-up articles published on the website. The aquarium was

Dome-shaped and it had 1500 types of tropical fish living in the aquarium. There was soo many species of fish in the aquarium before the incident. There was a commotion of uncertainty in the lobby as the aquarium burst open and the tourists who came to see the aquarium were devastated to see it burst. Help was called to control the situation. Almost 100 emergency workers were called to help in the matter.

The scene was cleared out by the help received from the emergency workers. The fire brigade was also posted to help in the matter for faster resolution. The reports said that about 1m liters of water overflowed out of the aquarium. This information was given to us by Adrian Wentzel. The overflowed 1m liters of water flowed further inside the hotel and outside on the streets. It is suspected that this is due to the immense water pressure in the water tank.


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